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What does mui Lab do?

mui Lab is a technology startup dedicated to providing a calm smart living environment based on the principle of Calm Technology. 

In the areas of IoT and smart home, we design UX/UI, license special set of technology architecture, and develop / sell products with the aim of realizing ambient technology which blends in with people's lives in an unobtrusive manner. Our hardware products are not available to individuals, but we provide clients with services based on Calm UI that contributes to solving issues such as brand value enhancement, loyalty enhancement, and new customer development through maximizing customer wellbeing, sustainability, and DX.  

What types of business partners does mui Lab mainly work with/for?

Housing, infrastructure companies, hotels, retail, etc.

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What kind of services do you provide?

While maintaining its function as the Lab (research institute) that has produced the mui Board as our signature product, we provide customers with calm user experiences through IoT in order to realize a future in which technology is beautifully integrated into our daily lives. Integrating capabilities of system architecture, application, UIUX design, technological development, and business development, we are providing total solutions from problem solving to social implementation on a global scale.

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Customer Experience (CX) Solutions

What are mui Lab's core values?

mui Lab's purpose is to promote digital technology that is always close to people’s heart. By utilizing digital technology, we aim to provide the life where people can be natural as human. Being based in Kyoto where people inherit the traditional life being inspired by nature, we propose a digital life that enriches people's lives with our calm technology & design approaches that contribute to human wellbeing by capturing the essence that is surrounding Kyoto. We aim to create the technology that brings us to an essential and sustainable “richness” that goes beyond productivity and efficiency.

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Our Story
mui Board (Products & Services)
Height Marking in Wood (Products & Services)
Cabin (Products & Services)

What is Calm Technology?

Calm Technology is that which informs but doesn't demand our focus or attention.  

mui Lab blends the design philosophy of Calm Technology proposed by Mark Weiser with Japanese aesthetic sensibilities which we feel being in Kyoto and challenge to realize a state where information technology is in peaceful harmony with people and nature. 

How do you apply Calm Technology to your design approach?

Please see the mui Lab's Design Principles.

How is mui Lab's design approach philosophy implemented in the society?

Please see the mui Lab's Works, Products & Services.

What makes mui’s technology possible?

mui Lab provides a life with quality by making the digital interface calm, we call it “Calm UI” that serves as a touch point between people and digital information in their daily lives. We have the system called “mui platform” that includes a unique IoT cloud system and Calm UI represented by a patented touch panel display made of natural materials. Natural materials provide aesthetic sensation and pleasant psychological state. They also fit in with your living space and allow you to access only the information you need in your life, so you can focus on what is really important to you.

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mui Platform

What kind of products do you make?
What value-added services do you provide?

We offer a lifestyle in which information technology is integrated into our spaces and lifestyles, allowing us to cherish our time without being conscious of technological elements.

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What kind of experience would you provide?

A haptic sense that you would get by directly touching the wood provides a sense of psychological calmness to the user. Also, the apps. integrated in the mu Board is designed based on our Calm Technology principles, so it gives calmer experience to the users. There are companies who have adopted our products as an interface to interact with customers, such as cafes, stores, hotels, SAP, etc. 

Do you sometimes collaborate with artists?

We collaborated with the popular poet, Shuntaro Tanigawa and showed his poems on the mui board at several art museums. “No other device can be utilized as a metaphor for the ubiquitous voices in our environment. I think it's the second best medium for poetry after paper.” -- Tomoharu Matsuda, a sponsoring organization, oblaat

For more information is here.

How can I learn more about mui Lab?

You can contact us from here.

How can I experience your mui Board?

The main products of mui Lab are “mui board” and “Height marking in wood”. Both products are exhibited in our gallery “Ebisugawa Salone” located in our Kyoto office. Please contact us in advance of your visit. 

mui Board
What is the mui Board?

“mui board” is a smart control panel, which looks like a beautifully sanded piece of wood until a swipe of one’s finger across its surface prompts a control menu to glow from within the device. Using the display, you can talk, exchange messages, check the weather, play music and control smart devices (lights, thermostats, etc.) and more. You can also doodle and write a message on the panel with your finger or digital pen. When you are done, the panel goes back to sleep mode and returns to looking like a piece of wood again to stay out of your consciousness.   

We have been introducing the mui Board to many kinds of businesses including housing makers, real estates, hotels, retailers, technological companies, furniture companies, etc.  

For more information:
mui Board (Products & Services)

What features does the mui Board have?

In addition to music control and lighting control as a smart home hub, our unique applications include weather forecast checking, calendar function, handwritten messages and voice messages, deep breathing guide function, timer function, alarm function, and display of 24 seasonal verses and more. 

For details, please refer to mui User Guide

Where can I buy the mui board?

We do not sell to the general public. Please contact us individually.

How much does it cost? 

Please contact us.

Is there a usage fee?

It differs depending on the usage. Please contact us.

Do you provide maintenance for your products?

Please contact us for details.

From how many units can I order for business use?

Please contact us for details.

Can I choose the coloring?

You can choose between “Natural” and “Dark”.

Do you have other sizes?

Please contact us for other sizes and design.

How to Use
What do I need to install the mui board?

You will need a 100-240V AC power supply and a Wi-Fi. The mui Board requires the app. on the smart phone after iOS 13.0. If you use the Android smartphone, you can access the app. on their web browser.

Can I operate multiple mui boards with one mui app?

Yes, multiple mui boards can be registered to a single mui app and mui account.