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Where people gather and a device stands still in a place of co-creation beyond time and space.
Products and services for co-creating office space using a combination of the “mui Platform” and Wacom’s digital ink technology.

What is Cabin ?

“Cabin” is a product co-developed with Wacom, Inc. It is a “device” that acknowledges the presence of people and a device that stands still in the place of co-creation beyond time and space. 
In an environment where remote work has been accelerating, diminishing the border between home and office, this product pursues “How to relate with members in the same organization” and creates a place where workers can feel the accumulation of the presence of others and their thoughts.

Function of Cabin

On the windows and exterior walls of Cabin, numerous dot-like stars are always displayed. They all express the data gathered by Cabin, and when one touches a star, it recreates the message in handwriting. 
Messages to Cabin can be sent from a mui Board set up at home or mui apps on your smartphone. A sent message is displayed on the “windows” or “exterior walls”, then disappears and becomes a star element in the sky.  
People cannot find out who sent them or from where or under what circumstances, but they can encounter the thoughts and ideas of peers through Cabin beyond time and place. Momentarily appearing messages may lead you to new ideas.

“Cabin” is intended to be installed in the branch offices of Wacom in Portland and Dusseldorf as well as Morioka Village which is currently being constructed. What we are looking for is not an intended symbol but a way of existence, incidentally individually swaying, playing off each other, popping up and scattering.

Nobutaka Ide, CEO, Wacom.

Thoughts from mui Lab

When you look up and see numerous stars blinking through the trees, you may feel something alive and respectful in those stars. You may think about your friends, or you may start having fantasies. This product design resulted from our experience and desire for this to occur to people. For example, it faithfully recreates the lines erased by a person in wonder. That kind of very human phenomena is woven in the air and when they meet together, people may lead them to specific thoughts, or just wanting to be together. In the case of a real office, talking to somebody doesn’t necessarily have the purpose of inputting and outputting information, but could be an exchange coming from pure concern. We hope Cabin can express that kind of overflowing space in people’s minds, along with bold emotions and thoughts.