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mui Platform

Nov 8, 2021

mui Platform

What is mui Platform?

Our “mui Platform” can turn any IoT devices and systems into “calmer” ones. Modern devices are synonymous with distraction and information overload, forcing users to crouch over smart screens. Our proprietary technologies and design techniques enable companies to create products—be it a display, speaker or cloud system—that are comfortable and intuitive to use. Users can receive only necessary information in an effortless manner. We use technologies to enable people to live even more humanly than they already do. Focusing on natural materials like wood, the platform promotes designs that blend seamlessly into the aesthetics of home living spaces.

Our Engineering Approach

We developed our “mui Platform” to make peaceful digital living possible. The platform consists of our proprietary IoT cloud system and a set of IPs that enables our wooden interface to function as an alternative to conventional touch panels. All elements of the platform work together to create “calm” digital experiences. We help companies design their own “calm” connected devices and products by using some or all of our IPs, making them available through licensing. mui Platform is designed to keep people from getting bombard with meaningless information. It uses our proprietary technology to transmit the right amount and types of information. By doing so, the platform helps people stay focused on important matters and activities, such as family conversations, without any distraction, to build better and healthier relationships with their loved ones. Our platform can turn various non-conducting materials, including wood, into a touch-sensitive display panel. What makes this transformation possible is our globally patented structure of display components. Our proprietary technology, along with our design techniques, enables us to use organic materials that provide comfort to people to seamlessly integrate technology into our lives. The purpose of our platform isn’t to transmit information, but to wisely use information to enrich people’s lives. And that sets our platform apart from all conventional interfaces.

Our Design Approach

We design devices in a way that makes users forget that they are there. The interface for our platform looks like a beautifully sanded piece of wood, blending well with the aesthetics of home living spaces. We use wood also because humans like to touch organic materials, and the warmth of wood makes our technology feel as natural and pleasing-to-use as furniture. Our platform only transmit essential information to help users enjoy tasks and activities that matter to them, such as conversations with their families, without any distraction. We believe it’s important for people to keep a healthy distance from digital information. Providing people with the right amount and types of information can nudge people into taking action, rather than simply consuming the information. And this helps people make connections with each other.

Our Innovation

We are an innovator of technologies that connect the two opposite lifestyles: digital and natural living.
1) Our interface uses wood, the organic material that appeals to humans’ five senses, as the platform best designed to tap into the power of human instinct.
2) Our platform is designed to provide users with information that is essential to them. Our end goal is to make the best use of information to foster relationships among people, rather than simply transmitting data for users to read and forget.
3) Complete with hardware, software, and a cloud system, our “mui Platform” is a comprehensive IoT platform that enables peaceful digital living. With this platform, electronic products, digital devices and home living space are turned into “calmer” ones that are capable of fostering better human/customer relationships. Our platform is Matter-ready, meaning that it can interconnect all sorts of devices to enable seamless digital living.