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mui Design Principles

Apr 1, 2021

1. Inspiring calm moments

Using mui’s interfaces should be a calm experience that sparks delight and positivity.  

We believe technology should be able to enrich users’ lives, or it would not be a useful tool for business “services.” We aim to create technologies that can bring peace and comfort to people, thereby inspiring them to be more creative.

2. Valuing simplicity over complexity

mui’s interfaces are designed to transmit a minimum amount of information to help users focus only on what matters.  

In this digital era, we are constantly inundated with information. In order to live a more mindful life, we need technology to bring us only the information that truly matters in a calm manner, so we can focus on important tasks at hand and spend quality time with our loved ones. We aim to create technologies that are respectful of humans and put the decision-making control back in their hands, instead of telling users what to do. mui’s systems and devices are designed to foster new relationships between humans and technology.

3. Staying out of users’ way

mui’s devices stay out of the user’s sight and consciousness whenever possible.  

We believe technology should work for humans, and not the other way around. Conventional technology forces people to adjust their behaviors to the requirements of devices that constantly demand their attention. We envision the technology of the future supporting humans in the background, by both visually blending into the surroundings and staying out of users’ consciousness. That’s when technology becomes truly useful to humans.

4. Pursuing harmonious beauty

mui’s technology will always exist in harmony with the surrounding environment, contributing to its ambience. 

The most comfortable environment is one with a perfect harmony among all its elements. Calm technology achieves a harmony among humans, technology and the environment, and performs without causing any distraction.

5. Achieving seamless integration

mui seamlessly integrates the functions of various devices and platforms to make technology feel like a natural part of users’ everyday living.  

Regardless of how hard we try, it’s not always possible to completely eliminate the gaps between various platforms and their functionalities. We can, however, use design techniques to make these gaps virtually unnoticeable. mui Lab does not create complex systems and devices that come with bells and whistles. We focus on making simple functionalities perform well, so users can accomplish what they want without any confusion or disruption.

Designing according to the law of nature

mui’s technology delivers calculated “imperfection” mimicking that of nature.  

Imperfections in nature, such as the rugged surfaces of rocks and old trees, can be quite pleasing to our human touch, providing satisfying sensory feelings to those who caress them. mui embraces the imperfection of natural materials. By integrating intuitive interface technology into these tangible materials, we create visual and haptic devices that provide perfectly satisfying experiences for users.