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mui Board
Customer Experience

mui Board

Calm Touch Display Panel Made with Natural Wood
Designed to improve people’s well-being by turning their homes into their oasis, the mui Board serves as the key feature of the mui Platform, our highly versatile platform that enables builders to provide homeowners with unique calm smart-home experiences.

What is a ‘mui Board’?

The mui Board turns itself on only when you need to access your important information. The board will otherwise remain off, visually blending into your surroundings as if it’s a piece of furniture. The board is designed to let you send and receive digital information through the warmth of the natural wood, changing your relationship with technology with one look at the panel, or one finger stroke across its surface, at a time. 

The mui Board serves as a key interface for the mui Platform, our calm system platform that can be flexibly customized to meet the needs of our client companies and to synchronize with third-party services. We use the mui Board and mui Platform to provide novel smart home experiences that help residents achieve new higher levels of personal well-being."

Functions of mui Board

Function as Family Communication Device
You can hand-write your messages directly on the mui Board. In addition to written messages, you can exchange voice messages as well via the mui Board and its accompanying mobile app. These features help you stay emotionally connected with your family while away from home. 

Function as Display Panel for Information Useful to Your Daily Life
You can use the mui Board to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from checking the local weather to reminding you about family events that you entered in your calendar via the mui mobile app. The mui Board comes with different timer options to choose from. You can also set it up to automatically display the information that you need in your daily living.

Function as Smart Home IoT Remote Control
You can use the mui Board to remotely control a wide range of IoT devices and appliances, including lighting, A/C units and Wi-Fi speakers. You can also use mui Board in place of IR remote controls for smart appliances when you connect mui sensors to the board.

The mui Board is designed specifically to enable a calm user experience. Among the board’s features we created for this reason is the timer/alarm with multiple display options to choose from, allowing you to select one that sets the right tone for the room or fits your mood.

Supported Devices/Appliances

  • Philips Hue lighting devices  
  • SONOS speakers  
  • IFTTT-compatible devices   
  • A/C units   

In addition, the mui Board’s functionality can be expanded through integration with third-party services. For example, you can integrate your mui Board with the radio app, “radiko,” to listen to your local radio stations. 

Works with Amazon Alexa
You can easily switch between voice commands for Alexa or touch control to operate the mui board. The seamless synchronization between the two comes in handy when you have your hands full and cannot reach for the panel, for example.

Other Functions That Promote Your Well-being  
The mui Board has various features that are designed to promote users’ well-being.

Twenty-four Poems
Every time the seasons change, mui Board displays some of the 24 seasonal poems written by poet Mizuki Misumi.

Night Mode 
You can turn on the “Night Mode", which turns off the clock display as well as messaging and event notifications.

Breathing Assistance 
Breathe in and out by following the curvy patterns of the white illuminated line the mui Board draws out, and you will feel relaxed in no time. It’s the mui Board’s way to make your day a little more peaceful.

Stamp Collection
You can enter information about your personal interests and goals in the mui mobile app. Every time you do something that fits one of your interests or goals – be it a learning activity or hobby -- the mui Board issues you a stamp. It’s the mui Board’s way of encouraging you to live your lifestyle and be positive.

Examples of mui Board Integration

Product Specifications
Spec Sheet
Product Dimension
W585.8*H78.5*D26(mm) / W23*H3.1*D1.0(inch)
Item Weight
Wi-Fi:IEEE802.11.b/g/n/ac 2.4Ghz/5GHz Bluetooth:4.2/BLE
Display Output
M-UI White Gen3 Display System
View Area
W302.4*H57.6(mm) / W11.9*H2.26(inch)
M-UX Material Touch Panel System
2 installed
1 installed
Power Source Type
Energy Consumption
Max 30W