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Enabling you to have calmer experience through the wooden warmth of the mui Board working with Alexa

Enabling you to have calmer experience through the wooden warmth of the mui Board working with Alexa

Seamlessly synchronizing Alexa’s voice communication and mui’s calm interface to achieve stress-free digital living
Alexa / Amazon StartupsJan 3, 2021
“mui Board that Works with Alexa” expands Alexa’s command options to include touch control, enabling users to enjoy calmer digital experiences through the wooden warmth of the Board. Users can also talk to Alexa to “wake” the Board, have it display a visual control menu, and perform various tasks, ranging from setting a timer and alarm clock to checking the weather. This new Alexa “skill” will help Amazon advance its “ambient Intelligence” vision as well as our goal to make calm digital living accessible to everyone.

This newly developed “skill” enables Alexa and the mui Board to seamlessly communicate and perform tasks while users continuously switch between voice, haptic and visual commands via the two different interfaces. For example, if a user says, “Alexa, ask mui board to set a 5-minute timer,” it would prompt Alexa to send signals to the mui board, which would, in turn,  draw out a line that would shorten as time passes by and eventually disappears. This enables users to check time left visually, freeing them up to pay attention to their task at hand. The seamless communication between the voice-centric and visual/haptic-centric interfaces will also make digital communication hassle-free.

Made possible by the support we received from Amazon under its “Alexa Startups,” the new “skill” has been awarded the “Works with Alexa” certification. The work contributes to Amazon’s pursuit of ambient intelligence and also helps us take a first step toward creating a society where digital technology is synonymous with calm living. 

We unveiled this new Alexa “skill” at CES2022, garnering many accolades and widespread media coverage. Amazon has recognized mui Lab as one of the 14 most innovative startups that are capable of fulfilling Amazon’s ambient computing vision.

We see ambient intelligence as the future - technology that is there when you need it and fades into the background when you don’t. We continue to be impressed with mui Labs and their vision for blending the power of voice with purposeful design, and are excited to see how products like the mui Board with Alexa Built-in can help customers be mindful, and get more done.

Comments by Liz Myers (Head of Alexa VC/Alexa Startup)