Calm UI mui board Works With Alexa – mui Lab’s M1 device are now compatible with Alexa

We have built an Alexa Skill experience that combines mui Lab’s unique touch interactions with Alexa’s unparalleled voice recognition and control. Users can easily switch between Alexa voice commands and touch gestures to control the mui board.  

■ Project overview  

  • What is it?
    mui Lab has partnered with Amazon Alexa to show how it is possible to create healthier human-computer relationships. 
  • Who is the client / partner?
    Alexa / Amazon Startups 
  • Term of the project
    Since Early 2021 
  • What is the specialty that mui Lab (+ partner) took care of, especially in terms of UI/UX and engineering
    mui Lab team focused on building a half-dozen Alexa skills that create inter-operability between Alexa and the mui board. 

■ The value that mui Lab offers to the client/partner/users 

Mui Lab believes that its calm platform can provide an improved and more balanced user experience to the Alexa ecosystem. Instead of relying exclusively on voice commands, Alexa users have the option to interact directly with a simple interface. 

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