mui Lab to Debut Wooden Smart-Home Hub’s ‘Calm’ Visual Interface that Works with Alexa at CES Unveiled & CES 2022

3 Jan 2022 | Event

   The mui Board interface introduces new ways for consumer to interact with technology.


At CES Unveiled (Jan. 3) and CES 2022 (Jan. 5-8), mui Lab, Inc., the Kyoto-based IoT startup will introduce a new calm, visual interface that works with Alexa. The interface is a version of the “mui Board,” the company’s award-winning smart-home control hub made with natural wood. When users speak to Alexa, the interface executes their voice commands silently via a minimalistic visual display (e.g., setting a timer) and provides haptic control (e.g., a control bar) to let users enjoy technological assistance in a brand-new “calm” and peaceful manner.

                                Watch a short video here:


This mui Board is built on the new “mui Platform” which won a CES 2022 Innovation Award in the Smart Home category. The mui Platform filters out any “noise” that potentially causes an information overload from incoming data, while passing through the data that’s fit for a display on a minimalistic interface created with mui Lab’s proprietary UX design technology and techniques. The platform works with any Matter-ready devices.


“We envision the technology of the future as one that fits right in with natural human behaviors and environment. Users won’t need to conform their habits to devices’ requirements. Technology will make them happier by further bringing out the humanness of human life. Our ‘mui Platform’ is designed to do just that,” mui Lab CEO Kaz Oki said. “We are excited to demonstrate our ‘mui Board’ that works with Alexa at CES Unveiled and CES 2022 to show how it can improve the quality of life for customers in a way they’ve never experienced before.”


mui Lab is one of the companies selected to participate in Alexa Startups, a program that supports founders through startup programs, business development, and technical support.

“We see ambient intelligence as the future – technology that is there when you need it and fades into the background when you don’t,” said Liz Myers, head of Alexa Startups. “We continue to be impressed with mui Labs and their vision for blending the power of voice with purposeful design, and are excited to see how products like the mui Board with Alexa Built-in can help customers be mindful, and get more done.”

Watch a short video here:


About “calm” platform

Modern technology benefits humans in many ways, but can also cause distraction and information overload. The “mui Platform” is a system that filters “noise” out of incoming information and passes through only what fits a minimalistic display created with mui Lab’s naturalistic UX design technology. The platform is a solution that breathes warmth into technology, creating a system that feels more natural and comfortable to use, and is capable of elevating the quality of a user’s life. 


mui Board

Made with natural wood, the mui board looks like a beautifully sanded piece of wood until prompted to turn on. When unused, the board automatically goes into sleep mode, and the display disappears. The board returns to looking like a piece of wood again, seamlessly blending into the aesthetics of living spaces.


How the “mui Board” works with Alexa

With Alexa directly integrated into the “mui Board,” users can ask Alexa to check the weather, use the timer, or set an alarm – all hands-free. For example, a user may say, “Alexa, ask the mui Board to set a 5-minute timer,” which would prompt the panel to display the “Moment Timer.” The timer can be used to visually track time without prompting Alexa. Users benefit from a stress-free experience, enabled by seamless voice and touch control.


About mui Lab

mui Lab is a technology startup specializing in designing IoT interfaces that enable “calm” digital living. Our design concept stems from the Taoist philosophy of “mui shizen,” which means “doing nothing.” We believe “technology” can become synonymous with “unintentional,” and strive to harness the power of cutting-edge engineering to create a harmony among technology, the human who use it and the nature surrounding them. mui Lab conducts global business from its headquarters in Kyoto, a city known for its successful blending of traditions and technology. mui Lab is a recipient of a Best of Kickstarter Award in 2019 and a CES Innovation Award in 2019 and 2022. For more information about mui Lab, visit