mui Lab and Jibun Haus. announce “muihaus.” which deepens family ties over time

Living with the technology, “Height Marking in Wood” that connects family ties


JIBUN HAUS. Co., Ltd., which proposes “a lifestyle that is unique to you” through the experience of building a house, and mui Lab, Inc., which implements technology that coexists with the nature and the people.  We have jointly developed a house “muihaus.”that deepens a family tie and release since December 20, 2021.

The symbol of “muihaus” is the “Height Marking in Wood” that connects the present and future of the family. “Height Marking in Wood” is a product of mui Lab that records memories written by the family such as heights of children on the digital pillar.  “muihaus.” is a house where you can spend time with your family by utilizing technology that is in harmony with people’s lives and nature. In “muihaus.”, In addition to“Height Marking in Wood”, a whole design of the house that allows you to feel the connection between family members and the nature outside makes it possible for people living there to feel each other’s existence and connection. It is also designed with the idea that it will naturally blend in with the surroundings of the house and that your life and home will become part of its landscape. 
Both Jibun Haus. and mui Lab will continue to collaborate to pursue the healthy relationship between technology and human beings and propose ideas not only about housing but also about people’s lives and ways of life through various products and services. 


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What is a “house that deepens family ties over time” that is embodied by technology?

In Japanese society, which is experiencing the corona disaster in addition to the declining birthrate and nuclear family, new values ​​for communication are emerging with families and cohabitants. There are values ​​that make communication more important than ever. Along with this, the “house” where the family lives is required not only to be convenient and efficient as a box, but also to realize the way of life of the inhabitants and to nurture a better time for the family. Therefore, JIBUN HAUS. Co., Ltd. and mui Lab will start offering “muihaus.”, a house where you can deepen your family ties and live your own way by making full use of the latest technology.

The “pillar memory” that symbolizes this house is a mechanism that allows the family to share the graffiti written by the family and the height of the child as digital data and share it as a memory in the future. As represented by “Height Marking in Wood””, “muihaus.” is equipped with a function that transcends time and space and brings more color to family life. A function to enrich the way of life and deepen the bond is implemented for the purpose of deepening the bond. A new type of house that the times demand has been realized, which is different from the house designed with an emphasis on convenience and efficiency found in old-fashioned buildings.


Two companies resonate with the idea of ​​”technology in harmony with people’s lives and nature”

For a long time, mui Lab has been pursuing fundamental “richness” and implementing technology that harmonizes nature and people in society on the stage of life. The world view, design and technical capabilities resonate with JIBUN HAUS. Co., Ltd., which has provided homes as a housing tech company with the concept of “building a home where families can become more family”. 

Until now, we have provided users with a new way of living by implementing the mui board developed by mui Lab in the housing provided by Jibun House. This time, we have jointly developed a space where the two companies think of living in harmony with nature and deepening family ties as the house itself. The design was commissioned by Tamotsu Ito Architects, which is based in Gifu and develops unique activities to create architecture, space, and towns with the concept of “Simple Hybrid” in Japan and overseas. It has become possible to put the view into the form of a home.


A gentle sense of distance from technology is necessary to realize a lifestyle where you can feel each other’s existence and connection

“muihaus.” realizes a lifestyle in which people and people living there can feel each other’s existence and connection within the “gentle sense of distance” between people and technology. In order to realize such a life, “muihaus.” has the following features.


Save family memories in “Height Marking in Wood” and replay them at any time in “muihaus.”

The height and graffiti of the child recorded with a digital pen are accumulated in “Height Marking in Wood” as digital data, and you can relive the trajectory of the family over time. The memory of the time spent by the family since the house started to be built will be a trigger for communication when the family leaves the nest in the future and when the family who left the nest returns, and will loosely connect the present of the family and the future of the family. 



 “mui board” naturally assists your healthy sleep and wake-up 

The “mui board” provided in “muihaus.” controls lighting, air conditioners, music speakers, etc. as a remote control, as well as smart home devices, and can be connected to the Internet to obtain weather and calendar information and listen to radio. In addition, it has a function to receive seasonal poems according to the 24 solar terms and a function to adjust the light source to naturally encourage you to wake up and go to bed. The “mui board”, which has an alarm clock that encourages you to wake up comfortably and comfortably by setting the sound and time, and a lighting function that gradually darkens toward the set bedtime, provides healthy sleep and wake-up environment.


 Floor plans and designs that make you feel comfortable with your family

muihaus. was designed by Tamotsu Ito Architects. The characteristic point is that the four sides of the house have the same shape, and it is possible to go around the inner circumference of the house, and the windows are larger. This is conscious of the design that makes it easy for families to connect with each other and that you can feel the connection with the nature of the outside world. On the 1st floor, the water area is concentrated on the inside, and the corridor with windows and the dining kitchen are brought on the outside so that you can feel the changes in time and space outside while you are inside the house. 


On the 2nd floor, all rooms are corner rooms, and partitions are installed so that the floor plan can be freely adjusted according to the child’s overgrown family and lifestyle at that time. By changing the layout of this partition, it is possible to create a layout with a high degree of freedom, such as dividing the room on the 2nd floor into four neatly, connecting adjacent rooms, and creating a space for a second living room or telework.



A new era of homes that deepens family ties realized by technology

“muihaus.”, a house jointly developed by Jibun House and mui Lab that deepens family ties over time, will be sold at Jibun House member stores nationwide. In addition to the house that  pursues convenience and efficiency, we propose to create a more advanced home in the future so that it can help to make the lives of the residents more comfortable, such as the realization of a “living that is unique to you” and, by extension, the “building of a home where the family can become a more family”. 

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Total floor area: 105.80m? (32.00 tsubo)
Body price: 22,880,000 yen (tax included)
Release date: December 20, 2021

■ About “Jibun House”

“Jibun House,” a standard housing brand that makes full use of technology, is proposing “smart custom housing” that provides “building a home where families can become more family” together with affiliated stores nationwide. “Smart custom home” is a way to buy a new home where everyone can realize their ideal life smarter through VR preview, real-time quotation, and clear accounting. Jibun House uses “smart custom homes” to change the way homes are bought and searched, and through that process, conveys the richness of life and the joy of building homes .

■  About JIBUN HAUS. Co., Ltd.

JIBUN HAUS. Co., Ltd. has a mission of “making a house a junior” in order to realize the vision of “changing lives and creating the future”, and by making full use of technology, people can live and live their own way. A housing tech company that provides standard housing “smart custom housing” to find. In the “Jibun House” business, we are developing a new home buying method “Smart Custom Home” that allows everyone to realize their ideal life smarter through VR viewing, real-time estimation, and clear accounting. There are more than 140 member stores nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa. In the “MY HOME MARKET” business, we are developing a virtual housing exhibition platform together with Nihon Unisys, Ltd. In addition, we are engaged in the “VR / AR solution” business and the “WARP HOME” business that conveys the appeal of local construction shops. Through these businesses, we select home building and housing. We are taking on the challenge of delivering experiences that renew the process of choice to every corner of society.