SAP x mui Lab:A mui board survey feature connected to Qualtrics Experience Management software.

mui Lab’s feedback system uses handwriting recognition technology to eliminate the effort of typing. Customers are incentivized to write messages by hand; this form of feedback leaves room for users to think and produce thoughtful responses. 

■ Project overview 

  • What is it?
    mui Lab has built a new feedback system that integrates with SAP’s Qualtrics CRM platform. 
  • Who is the client / partner?
    SAP / Qualtrics 
  • Term of the project
    Since Mid 2021 
  • What is the specialty that mui Lab (+ partner) took care of, especially in terms of UI/UX and engineering
    mui Lab created a whole new set of visuals assets, user interfaces, and back-end API integrations that linked the mui and Qualtrics cloud. 

 ■ The value that mui Lab offers to the client/partner/users 

This survey system enables companies to receive new forms of feedback from customers. Qualtrics users can now make use of customer input that is filtered and streamlined through the mui platform. Customer emotions can be better understood through their feedback, and customers can feel secure that their feedback is anonymized through the mui platform.