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News Release

mui Lab to Debut Matter-Ready Platform that Turns Any Smart Devices Into ‘Calmer’ Ones at CES

Dec 29, 2021

The CES 2022 Innovation Award-winning platform is Matter-ready; will enable Amazon’s Alexa to provide visual interfacing.

mui Lab, Inc., the Kyoto-based IoT design startup, will showcase its “muiPlatform,” which can transform any existing smart home devices into “calmer” ones that feel more natural and effortless to use.The Matter-ready platform enables companies to either have their own calm products (be they a display, speaker or smart home device) designed from scratch, or use mui’s flagship wooden smart device control hub to deliver their services.

During CES, mui Lab will introduce the use of the mui hub board as a new calm, visual interface for Amazon’s Alexa. The “mui Platform” won the CES 2022 Innovation Award in the Smart Home category –the second time mui Lab has been awarded this honor following its 2019 win.

While modern technology benefits humans in many ways, it can also cause distraction and information overload. The “mui Platform” is a system that filters “noise” out of incoming information and passes through only what fits a minimalistic display created with mui Lab’s naturalistic UX design technology.

“Our platform takes a less-is-more approach to technology to create a ‘breathing room’ in users’ minds, so technology will feel like a truly natural part of human life,” mui Lab CEO Kaz Oki said. “We believe the technology is capable of bringing out the humanness of human life and making people happier. We are excited to demonstrate at CES 2022 how our Matter-ready platform can add these capabilities to so many devices. We are ready to change the conventional idea of what technology is.”

mui Exhibits
Jan. 3 — CES Unveiled (Mandalay Bay Level 2)
Jan. 5 — ShowStoppers
Jan. 5-8 — J-Startup Pavilion (Eureka Park)


During CES 2022, mui Lab will introduce the following “mui Platform” applications that are being developed in collaboration with such companies as ABB, SAP and Jibun Haus to show how the platform enables “calm” digital living and service delivery.

• Calm UI mui board Works With Alexa
mui is a silent and visual-only counterpart to Alexa’s audio interface, Echo. Users can tell Alexa to ask the “mui Board” to: “Use the timer,” “Use the alarm function” and “Check the weather.”

• mui Haus.
A smart home being developed in collaboration with the Japanese housing brand, Jibun Haus.

• Customer feedback system for SAP Platform
Powered by SAP’s Qualtrics CRM platform, the customer feedback system built on the mui Platform enables businesses to collect, sort and analyze the messages/survey responses that people hand-write or voice-record on the device.


About CES
CES is one of the world’s largest technology trade shows that takes place annually in Las Vegas. CES 2021 made history by bringing together more than 2,000 companies, including 700 startups online – a scale unheard of for all-digital events. CES will return to Las Vegas in 2022 while also holding digital exhibitions. At CES 2020 held prior to the new coronavirus pandemic, 4,600 companies showcased 20,000 new products and services.

About mui Lab
mui Lab is a technology startup specializing in designing IoT interfaces that enable “calm” digital living. Our design concept stems from the Taoist philosophy of “mui shizen,” which means “doing nothing.” We believe “technology” can become synonymous with “unintentional,” and strive to harness the power of cutting-edge engineering to create a harmony among technology, the humans who use it and the nature surrounding them. mui Lab conducts global business from its headquarters in Kyoto, a city known for its successful blending of traditions and technology. mui Lab is a recipient of a Best of Kickstarter Award in 2019 and a CES Innovation Award in 2019 and 2022. For more information about mui Lab, visit