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mui Lab has showcased a Smart-yet-Calm home living at CES2023 and how was it communicated on the global media?

mui Lab has showcased a Smart-yet-Calm home living at CES2023 and how was it communicated on the global media?

Jan 16, 2023


👉 What have we showcased?
👉 How did the global media talk about us?
👉 mui Lab to launch its mui Board 2nd gen. and crowdfund in 2023

mui Lab exhibited at CES 2023 in Las Vegas from January 3 to 8.
We got interviews from the coveted media outlets like "The Verge" and “BBC" at the Unveiled on Jan. 3. Also, we had great opportunities to discuss with many global corporates for possible collaborations and lisencing.

👉 What have we showcased?

Having the Matter compliant mui Board 2nd gen. which will be interconnected with smart home devices as a core controller hub, we presented a smart yet peaceful and serene living experience where the technology responds in a way that blends with people's habitual behavior, and so that the desired state and environment are set up without stealing user's attention.
・Please find the onsite demo here
・Project details: here

👉 How have we got covered on the media?

◆ The Verge
◆ Dezeen
◆ Wired
◆ Design Milk
◆ Consumer Report
◆ Ars Technica
◆ Apple Insider
◆ The author of Calm Technology book, Amber Case's Medium

◆ Top page of The Verge

URL: here

Quotes from the article:

This is a step toward the ambient smart home big tech companies have been touting for a while now (without having delivered on it). To move beyond the audience of early adopters — for whom the smart home is really more an extension of their love for programming, tinkering, and troubleshooting tech — and gain mass appeal, the smart home needs these more ambient experiences.​
Ultimately, the ambient smart home will be one that correctly anticipates when to turn the lights on, so you don’t have to lift a finger. But ambient interfaces will be key, too. We will always want control. Touching a wooden panel to turn your lights down, close your curtains, and start your sleep sounds playing is much less intrusive than issuing a voice command or pulling out your phone and opening an app or putting bright touchscreens in every room.​

◆ Dezeen

URL: here

Quotes from the article:

Mui Lab's aim with the design is to prevent distraction and information overload by reducing the presence of screens and providing a more discreet way to interface with the Internet of Things.
"Mui Lab's unchanging focus is on the permanent value of family connection," the company's CEO Kaz Oki told Dezeen. "To this end, we have been developing 'calm technology' to enable people to focus on their important time without losing their attention at home."

“The 9 Neatest Things We’ve Seen So Far at CES 2023"

URL: here

Quotes from the article:

Of the Matter-ready gadgets we've seen at this year's show, Mui Labs' second-generation Mui Board is the most serene: a wood-covered, touch-sensitive display that hangs on your wall, broadcasting weather, clocks and alarms, audio controls, or whatever data streams you desire. It can be controlled from any device, voice assistant, or connected gadget.

◆ Design Milk


Quotes from the article:

mui Board is that one could imagine it as an elongated wall-mountable tactile remote control for all things connected home, presenting itself as more of a gentle touch of technology rather than an ever-glowing intrusive gadget. As noted, it’s better to show than describe.

◆  Consumer Reports
- “Brands big and small are bringing incremental, yet meaningful, improvements to the many appliances and devices that make up the modern home"


◆ Ars Technica


Quotes from the article:

First came the specification, then the release, and then CES 2023—it has been a busy few months for Matter, the smart home connectivity standard. You can't quite fill your home just yet with Matter-ready devices, but there are some intriguing options in development. Here's a look at some of the most practical, quirky, and viable gear coming soon (or soon-ish).

◆ Apple Insider

YouTube: here

◆ Author of the "Calm Technology" book: Amber Case's blog on Medium

URL: here

👉 mui Lab will launch its mui Board 2nd gen. in 2023

mui Lab plans to launch the mui Board 2nd gen. in November 2023.
We will start crowdfunding on Kickstarter this spring.
Please register the pre-order form, so that you will be the first one to be notified about the latest news.

Pre-order form:

Matter compliant mui Board 2nd gen.