mui Lab provides digital frameworks for the implementation of calm technology.

mui Lab provides interaction and interface designing services for its clients by using calm technology principles. It also conceptualizes, develops and sells digital frameworks to provide users with novel calm technology experience. The company aims to solve the growing conflict between technology and humans who use it through mui’s design solutions. mui Lab tackles issues at hand on the hardware and software fronts simultaneously. This enables the company to provide comprehensive design services that include problem identification, prototyping, solution designing and embedding the system into society. The company also collaborates with its clients to develop products and services together for faster real-world implementations of technology.

mui Lab provides support to stores and facilities to provide calmer ways for people to interact with digital information.

mui Lab uses its cloud-based new calm technology interfaces, including “mui 1st edition(M1),” which connect users with the core system and services, to provide brand-new computing experience that are not only comfortable to users but also appeals to their human sensibility. When a UI is calmer, it can make the atmosphere of the user’s environment calmer, enabling the person to spend a calmer time in that space. mui’s interfaces are designed to achieve this chain of calmness to make harmonious digital living possible.
mui’s interfaces can be used in shops, offices and hospitality and other types of facilities to enhance user communications and engagement.

mui Lab provides consulting services that suit your needs by using the calm technology design principles.

mui Lab provides “calm tech solutions” to brands and technology/service providers to help them implement calm technology into what they do. mui provides comprehensive support, ranging from identifying problems to designing the best solutions, by applying calm technology and space design principles and frameworks and through rapid prototyping.

ダミーテキストです。ここに事業概要のまとめのテキストがはいります。mui Lab は、テクノロジーが人や自然と不調和に在る現状を問題視し、テクノロジーが穏やかに人の生活に佇む未来を目指し、Calm Technology & Design(穏やかなテクノロジーのデザイン)を提唱、UI/UX デザインと、実装のための技術開発を行うスタートアップ企業です。ダミーテキストです。ここにミッションのテキストがはいります。ダミーテキストです。ここに事業概要のまとめのテキストがはいります。mui Lab は、テクノロジーが人や自然と不調和に在る現状を問題視し、テクノロジーが穏やかに人の生活に佇む未来を目指し、Calm Technology & Design(穏やかなテクノロジーのデザイン)を提唱、UI/UX デザインと、実装のための技術開発を行うスタートアップ企業です。