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Housing that promotes bonding beyond time
A house with a warm interior wood furnished IoT device “Height Marking in Woods” records the long compatible years of a family.

What is muihaus. ?

“muihaus.” is the house jointly developed by mui Lab and JIBUN HAUS. that uses technology that allows people’s lives to harmonize with nature and nurtures the time the family has while living there. 
We’ve produced a method of comfortable living where contemporary technology and people can maintain a proper distance and a place to live where people can feel their existence and connection to each other. The design takes into account that a house naturally dissolves into the town and the lives of the people living there become part of the landscape of the house.

A comfortable connection among family members can be felt in the room arrangement and design

mui Lab and JIBUN HAUS. have developed experiences related to everyday living by working in collaboration with “tamotsu ito architecture office” which creates buildings, spaces and towns with the “Simple Hybrid” concept. Its characteristic feature is that the four sides of a house are the same shape and one can circulate around the inner perimeter while enjoying big windows. This not only makes family bonding easier but allows one to be conscious about their connection with nature outside of the house. On the first floor, plumbing parts are collected in the inner part and set around a hallway, while windows and the dining kitchen are near the outer part so residents can feel the outdoor time changing while staying indoors.

Preserving family memories with “Height Marking in Wood” and regenerating it at any time

The symbol of this house, “Height Marking in Wood” preserves children’s scribbles and the record of their height that family members can preserve as digital data, and in the future, family members can reminisce for long ago days or share their memories with others. Memories of the times the family spent together in the house will trigger communication after some family members leave and aid in connecting both the current and future times. This is our proposal of a new housing idea, matching the times, drawing a line with a home designed featuring the values of convenience and efficiency. 

“mui Board” naturally assists with reducing stressful sleep and replenishing both body and soul

The “mui Board” furnished in the “muihaus.” controls lighting, air conditioning, and speakers for music as a remote control, part of the featured smart home equipment. It is also connected to the Internet, allowing quick access to weather and calendar information as well as enabling one to listen to radio. The board is also furnished with functions for receiving seasonal poems that match the twenty-four seasonal divisions of the solar calendar and adjusting illumination to assist rising and sleeping with less burden. “mui Board” creates an environment of sleep and rising with its sound and time settings that enable residents to wake with an alarm timer and lighting that gradually becomes darker toward bed time to reduce stress on residents’ mind and body.