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mui Lab to Release Matter Version of Its Signature Smart Home Interface to Foster Family Bonds
News Release

mui Lab to Release Matter Version of Its Signature Smart Home Interface to Foster Family Bonds

Nov 3, 2022

mui Lab to Release Matter Version of Its Signature Smart Home Interface to Foster Family Bonds

AMSTERDAM (Nov. 3, 2022) — During today’s Matter Launch event in Amsterdam, mui Lab, the Kyoto-based Calm Technology startup, announced its 2023 plan to release mui Board 2nd Gen,” the Matter version of the company’s signature smart home interface. The upgraded board connects multiple Matter devices seamlessly to create peaceful home environments that foster family relationships. The mui Board is known for its ability to keep technology out of users’ consciousness through discrete blending of IoT into daily life – an approach adopted from the Calm Technology design principles that can help prevent digital distraction and information overload. “mui Board 2nd Gen” further expands on this approach with a strong focus on enhancing emotional connections among families, enabling people to enjoy both digital convenience and an emotionally rich family life.
“Matter connects devices, which, in turn, allows us to connect human hearts,” said mui Lab CEO Kaz Oki. “In today’s digital society, technology constantly draws our attention away from family and tasks at hand. We aim to ‘calm’ not only individual digital devices but also our whole living environment, and the interoperability of Matter devices helps us do just that. For us, Matter is a wonderful tool to unleash the potential of Calm Technology.”
“We are thrilled to have members like mui Lab join the Alliance and commit to Matter-enabled products benefiting their day-to-day lives,” said Chris LaPré, head of technology at CSA. “I am looking forward to seeing the innovation of mui Lab and their calm technology, which can be used to set up and control smart home devices in a more private or family-oriented area of your home.”
About Matter Launch event
Matter is a new universal standard for connected things. Experienced industry players came together in the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) to develop Matter to make smart connectivity simple and reliable. Products built on this secure protocol work seamlessly with each other, now and well into the future. The Matter Launch event on Nov. 3 was organized by CSA to provide media professionals the opportunity to learn about Matter and to experience devices that utilizes the industry-unifying connectivity standards.

About “mui Board 2nd Gen”
The ‘mui Board” is a “Calm UI” for smart homes. Made of real wood, the interface is designed to blend in with its surroundings naturally, fading away from users’ consciousness when not in use. The board is supported by the “mui Platform,” which can turn any connected devices, as well as furniture and other ordinary items, into interfaces, using everyday human action as a prompt for digital sequences. mui Lab is currently seeking business partners to collaboratively develop “calm” digital systems of the future, using this innovative platform that enables humans to harmoniously coexist with technology. (

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