Matter x mui Lab:mui Lab has joined CSA and Matter working group

 About Matter 

Matter is a single, unified connectivity standard to catapult Smart Home/Commercial Tech. 

Matter uses a common application layer and data model that delivers interoperability between devices allowing them to communicate with each other – regardless of the underlying network protocol or ecosystem.  


■ Project overview 

  • What is it?
    mui Lab has joined CSA and Matter working group. mui Lab is planning to get certified for Matter standard compatible with future mui Lab products.
  • Who is the client / partner?
    CSA / Matter 

  • Term of the project
    Since Early 2021 

  • What is the specialty that mui Lab (+ partner) took care of, especially in terms of UI/UX and engineering
    mui Lab engineering team has been supporting CSA working teams for the past year. 

■ Background of the project 

mui Lab joined this project for bringing comfort to users by making mui’s devices compatible with other smart home devices. Chris LaPre, Director of Technology, CSA sais “We are thrilled to have members like mui lab join the Alliance and commit to Matter-enabled products benefiting their day-to-day lives. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing how mui lab brings their Calm design to the Matter-enabled smart home”. 

■ The value that mui Lab offers to the client/partner/users 

mui Lab aims to be one of the first companies to make Matter a core component of the mui platform stack. mui Lab’s platform will be a set of software, hardware, and development environment/services with “matter-ready” features. Through this, we want to provide a seamless user experience in our lives.  

■ About mui platform