ABB x mui Lab : mui Lab and ABB have partnered to create a multi-functional smart home switch concept.

■ Project overview 

  • What is it?
    Users can control a room’s lights, temperature, music, and blinds from a singular wall-mounted switch. This switch concept looks to replace existing light switches with IoT-powered functionality. 
  • Who is the client / partner?
    ABB / Busch Jaeger  
  • Term of the project
    Since Mid 2021 
  • What is the specialty that mui Lab took care of, especially in terms of UI/UX and engineering
    mui Lab mainly provided UX and UI know-how, notwithstanding licensing some of its IP’s.  

■ The value that mui Lab offers to the client/partner/users 

This switch panel shows mui Lab’s capability to leverage its platform and hardware knowhow to fulfill client/user needs. mui Lab offers a hardware/software solution that streamlines SKUs, produces beautiful devices, and simplifies User experiences with IoT devices.