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Customer Experience


Making Membership Shopping Simple and Easy
SHOPCARD is a mobile card that connects to smart register systems (cloud POS systems) to enables businesses to easily issue mobile membership cards to their shoppers whose information is already in their systems’ databases. Businesses can use SHOPCARD to store their customer information, improve operational flow and foster customer engagement. (Compatible with Apple Wallet, Google Pay, etc.)


SHOPCARD is a fast and cost-effective way for businesses to launch a membership program for their shoppers. Businesses can have their programs up and running in as little time as two business days from signing up because they don’t need to develop their own mobile apps. SHOPCARD works seamlessly with smart register systems and their databases, making it unnecessary for the customers to provide businesses with their information to receive membership. SHOPCARD can also allow shoppers to collect reward points and shows them their point balances whenever they make purchases. In addition, businesses can distribute thank-you messages to their shoppers and send out push notifications when the members walk by their stores.

Benefits for Businesses

Easy to Manage Membership Information
Businesses can manage their membership programs with a tap of a button on a smartphone app. They can easily retrieve membership information from linked POS databases, and there’s no need to worry about having to replace lost membership cards for their customers – which is a typical problem with conventional paper membership cards.

Convenient to Use for Any Consumers
SHOPCARD’s compatibility with Apple Wallet and Google Pay enables businesses to reach just about any consumers who own a smartphone.

Wide-ranging Services to Offer
SHOPCARD works in sync with smart register systems to manage membership information and reward points. This makes it possible for businesses to provide services that customers want without breaking the bank.

Benefits for Shoppers

Convenience That Won’t Bulk Up Their Wallets
With SHOPCARD, there is no need for shoppers to look for their cards in their wallets. They only need their smartphones to manage their accounts.

No Chance of Losing Cards
Cloud-based card management makes it impossible for members to "lose" their cards.

No Need to Download Special Mobile App
Because SHOPCARD launches inside Apple Wallet and Google Pay, there is no need to download another app on their smartphones.