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mui Demand Response System
Customer Experience

mui Demand Response System

Tackling energy demand response (DR) with integrated solution—ranging from energy-management notifications to energy-saving rewards and gifts.
New Power saving and demand response system for electric power companies. The "giftee Box", has a selection of more than 1,000 digital gifts and is used to reward customers for achieving energy-saving goals.

What is the mui Demand Response System?

The mui DR system is a total power-saving solution for new electric power companies. This solution is a total package; capable of notifying consumers of power saving requests to providing rewards for participating in power-saving activites. 

 Mui’s Demand Response system encourages power-saving behavior among households and low-voltage corporate customers—such as restaurants and retailers—but can also be used in a variety of other contexts. This systemcan be easily implemented at low cost and quick turnover time , while helping automate operational efficiency of power-saving campaigns. In addition, the service is linked to the "giftee Box," a digital gift service that allows users to freely choose from more than 1,000 different types of rewards for reaching power-saving goals, thus meeting a wide variety of needs. 

Solutions for Consumer Services

Participation Entry   

For those customers whose information data has been linked, an e-mail can be automatically sent out the following day to those customers who have entered to participate in the power saving program.  

Notification of power saving time  

Power saving period and advance notice date and time can be set from the management screen, and a notification e-mail for the start of power saving can be automatically sent out at the relevant time and date.  

Notification of power saving results   

On the day following the end of the power saving period, an e-mail notification of power saving results can be automatically sent out along with data on power usage, baseline, and amount of power saved.   

Receiving points  

The rewards for achieving energy savings can be linked to "giftee Box," a digital gift service that allows customers to freely choose from more than 1,000 types of gifts to receive, thus satisfying a wide range of consumer needs. 

Screen image of mobile application for users

Operational Benefits

Registration of consumer data 

No new account registration is required, as the data is linked to the point-of-supply number simply by uploading the consumer's information data. 

Calculation of power savings 

By automatically acquiring electricity usage for the power saving period from transmission and distribution data (C-route), the baseline (calculated using High 4 of 5*) and the amount of electricity saved can be automatically calculated. 

*High 4 of 5 is a method of calculating the average of power usage over the last 4 days. 

Automatic Assignment of Energy Saving Points 

Points (power-saving points) are awarded according to the amount of power saved by each consumer. After the power saving period is over, an e-mail can be automatically sent out to receive the rewards for achieving power savings. 

Data Download 

In addition to checking the monthly amount of electricity saved and points awarded on the management screen, electricity consumption data and electricity savings data for each customer can be downloaded in CSV format. 

Image of the management screen of the corporate dashboard