Exhibition of Japanese painter Layla Sato @ebisugawa salone

26 Nov 2021

ebisugawa salone, run by mui Lab, will hold an exhibition of Japanese painter Layla Sato from December 4 to 19. The theme of the work is “Ground. This will be his second art exhibition, following the photo exhibition “KG+” held in September. 

Here is the artist’s words for the exhibition:
“The ground, which is the object of my creation, is chaotic, messy, and sparkling, and it reflects the reality I feel in my daily life. The ground beneath my feet is connected to the shifting depths ahead.”


【Outline of the Exhibition】
Period: December 4 (Sat) – December 19 (Sun)
Open: Thursday – Sunday  *Appointment required for Monday – Wednesday
Hours: 11:00 – 17:00
Place: ebisugawa salone  https://goo.gl/maps/GvL9csmT43z5Q7to9
Fee: Free


[Artist Profile】
Layla Sato
Born 1987 in Sapporo, Hokkaido
Kyoto City University of Arts, M.F.A.
Creates works based on the theme of “ground.
While at the university, she majored in Japanese painting and studied sketching. While studying at Kyoto City University of Arts, he studied sketching.
He projects the reality of his daily life onto the chaos of the ground and draws it.
Based on these sketches, he creates two-dimensional works using organic materials (sumi ink, charcoal, gofun, kozo paper).
In his recent works, he makes paper from kozo (paper mulberry), which is the raw material for the paper support, and makes use of the organic forms and depth that naturally occur to create a landscape on the surface.
Selected for the 30th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition
Selected, 38th Spring Soga Exhibition
Selected, The 39th Soga Exhibition
Selected, Kyoto Bank Art Support Program
Sapporo JR Tower Art Planets Grand Prix, Excellence Prize
Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program, Honorable Mention