mui board – Additional Regular Features : Poets to be sent in accordance with Twenty-four Solar Terms”

8 Oct 2021

In Ancient Japan, people used the 24 solar terms to tell the season mainly for agriculture. The 24 solar terms that mui regularly brings you express the scenery in the mind of our collaborative poet Mizuki Misumi, who wrote about the seasonal scenery of the northern part of Japan. How does your seasonal sensibility sound to you? 



mui board – Additional Regular Features


The calendars that you use on a daily basis are based on the Gregorian solar calendar. In Japan, the lunisolar calendar, which is based on the periodicity of celestial movements, was the main calendar before it was replaced by this calendar in the Meiji era”. The year is divided into four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), and each season is further divided into six seasons. They are still used in various situations such as annual events and seasonal greetings, and have become a valuable and rare custom to preserve cultural inheritance and unique regional characteristics.

“mui” aims to be a medium to connect people with nature, and the poet Misumi Mizuki has written a poem about the 24 solar terms to help us feel the seasons.
Each time the seasons change, a new poem will be delivered to the “mui” board.
We will start with “Kanro” (cold dew) on October 8.
It would be wonderful if you could be enlightened by  Mizuki’s poem and write a poem about your sense of the season and post it on Instagram.

When posting on Instagram, please use the following hashtag so that you can see other people’s post ideas.

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