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News Release

Oct. 31 – A conversation on “Calm the Tech Down 〜Calm Technology that inspires sustainability〜” with Michiaki Matsushima of Wired Japan

Oct 12, 2021

Hosted by mui Lab, the Kyoto Chamber of Beautiful Business as part of Concrete Love, this year’s flagship gathering of the House of Beautiful Business

As a partner of the House of Beautiful Business, mui Lab invites you to a conversations on tech’s role on nurturing and sustaining relationships between humans, nature, and society as a whole. Tune into the global live-stream as part of Concrete Love, this year’s House of Beautiful Business gathering. 

A conversation “Calm the Tech Down – Calm technology to stimulate spiritual sustainability” will be live-streamed to the global audience. 
When:17:30〜19:00, Sunday, Oct. 31
Where: online
How to join:Here is the URL to access the content

Program(page 5):

Concrete Love and Chambers of Beautiful Business

Concrete Love is the response to the forces, innovations, and burning questions that will define 2022 and everything thereafter. It will take place from October 29 through November 26, 2021 in Lisbon and online, and explore the structures, practices, and emotions of a new kind of business that is more imaginative, playful, sustainable, and inclusive—in other words: more beautiful.
View the full program

Chambers of Beautiful Business

are communities in cities worldwide that host in-person and online gatherings leading up to and during Concrete Love, this year’s signature event by the House of Beautiful Business, a global community with the mission to make business more beautiful.
Over the past two years, Chambers have taken place in 36 cities on six continents. Run by members of the House community, each one explored a different aspect of “beautiful business. Dedicated to amplifying its mission throughout local communities, the series of Chambers is co-hosted by House Residents.

Editor-in-Chief of WIRED JAPAN
As Editor-in-Chief of WIRED JAPAN, a media organization which actualizes futures, worked on: SZ MEMBERSHIP/WIRED MAGAZINE ISSUES (the latest issue being VOL. 42 “NEW COMMONS“)/WIRED CONFERENCES/WIRED Sci-Fi PROTOTYPING LAB/WIRED SPECULATIVE ZONE. Before joining WIRED JAPAN in 2018, was Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial Department of NHK Publishing. Moonshot Ambassador for Japan’s Cabinet Office. Translator of “Novacene” (James Lovelock). Born in Tokyo and lives in Kamakura.