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mui Lab's "Height Marking in Wood" won both the Grand Prize and Special Award at the BabyTech® Awards 2022, a contest for outstanding childcare IT products!

mui Lab's "Height Marking in Wood" won both the Grand Prize and Special Award at the BabyTech® Awards 2022, a contest for outstanding childcare IT products!

Oct 26, 2022

"Height Marking in Wood" won the Grand Prize in the BabyTech® Awards (Commemorations, Records and Memories Category) and a Special Award in the BabyTech Community Awards

Baby Tech Awards official site

About "Height Marking in Wood" 

This product was created in the hope that the custom of inscribing children's height on pillars and walls, which is common throughout the world, will be digitized and become a medium for touching upon past memories that will strengthen family ties. 
Pillar Memory Product Description

Children's height, doodles, messages, etc. can be drawn by touching the pillar with the attached digital touch pen and recorded as digital data. Those information are stored in the cloud and can be retrieved at any time, helping family communication. The system was also developed in the hope that by registering family "special days," messages from the past will suddenly come to life on those days, helping to strengthen family ties through experiences that immerse the user in memories that have faded into the recesses of his or her memory and provide unexpected insights.

Pillar Memory" is currently being marketed by JIBUN HAUS. as "muihaus.", a house that strengthens family ties beyond time. 

Grand Prize - Commemorative, Record and Memory Category
Special Award - BT Community Award

Comments from Judges

We sympathized with the fact that the interface does not directly connect digital and people, but is an object and service that embodies the ignition of communication between people. Purpuse is also wonderful because it "promotes digital technology that is always close to people's hearts." Purpuse is also wonderful.

I felt that it shows what a UI should be in terms of child-rearing.

It reminded me of the nostalgic scenery of the Showa period, which is called "emoi". The idea of how to bequeath the word "daikoku-bashira" as something meaningful to future generations...the idea is very wonderful. I felt the need to think about how to bequeath quality analog materials unique to the Showa era to future generations in the field of childcare through this kind of proposal.

Comments from the Baby Tech Awards

This is a product that I could see myself wanting. Also, the naming is good. I want this product simply because it is a product that makes me want to touch it first! I can think of many ways it could be used, but the reason I chose it is that I think it could be used for many years.

IoT products that involve hardware are inevitably expensive by nature, but it's hard to decide how much to spend on a product that will only be used for a limited that respect, I like the fact that this product looks like it will be useful for a long time.

When you are a small child, it really goes by so fast. I thought it would be nice to record those days in various ways.