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“How do we remember the transition of our family time?” – an exhibition of “2121 Futures In-Sight” at the museum, “21_21 Design Sight”

Jan 28, 2022

mui lab has been exhibiting our new conceptual model at the “The Year 2121: Futures In-Sight” , the exhibition hosted by 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT’ which will be open until May 8, 2022. Please find the details about “2121 Futures In-Sight” from here.

The exhibition “2121 Futures In-Sight” is an attempt to visualize, with the help of a tool called “Future Compass”, the perspective on the future inherent in our actions and creations in the present, together with a diverse group of designers, artists, thinkers, engineers and researchers. A variety of perspectives on the future born from thinking about the familiar, the yet unseen, and the various timelines surrounding them will gather at the venue, and are expected to form a plurality of futures like a flourishing plant.

The aim of the exhibition is to provide an opportunity for those of us who live in the present and the future to develop a rich insight into how we can work with design to create the future.

The director of the exhibition is Matsushima Michiaki, the editor of numerous books and magazines on the future of how technology will change human culture and lifestyle.

Theme of work

mui Lab has chosen the compass How / Time / Feel ? and raised the below question. 

“How do we remember the transition of our family time?”

(C) Future Compass
(C) mui Lab

Artwork description

The mui board, which has been hanging on the wall to deliver family messages, seems to have stopped moving for some time.

The scratches on the board and the burned expression of the messages are traces of precious memories, like a piece of furniture that gives a glimpse of a family’s history, still hanging in its place.

After some decades, the wall itself has become a place of daily communication for the family instead. Whenever the traces of messages exchanged between family members appear on the wall, we smile and think about them.

The image of the family that once existed is evoked in a very real way.

Intent of the exhibition

reached the end of its life, and the LED display has deteriorated to the point where it cannot light up properly, but as a reminder of its former use, the surface grain of the wood has been burned by the long exposure to the internal LEDs, and traces of it can be seen. In the middle of the wall, a little above the mui board, a typewriter-like message appears on the wall itself alternately with someone’s hand-written message in response to it, suggesting that a conversation is taking place. (suggesting the penetration of information into the wall)

In the future, 100 years from now, part of the family’s communication will be stored in the environmental side, and it will be possible to see, hear and experience it by some kind of trigger.
In this exhibition, specific moments of family communication will be displayed as dialogues on the wall. By doing so, we would like to show that the casual daily interactions of the family remain as family’s valuable time. By contrasting the wall information display with the fact that the broken mui board is no longer usable for its original purpose, we want to show that the mui board as an information device in the past and the wall interface in the year 2121 retain the same family memories.

Our exhibit was introduced at the opening talk session of “2121 Futures In-Sight” !

Please find the details about “2121 Futures In-Sight” from here.