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ABOUT mui Lab

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Promoting calm technology to achieve more humane digital living



Achieving harmonized beauty, both inside and outside of our products


Uncompromising pursuit of truly calm digital living


Collaborating with different stakeholders to together foster calm digital lifestyles


mui Lab was founded to promote societal adoption of “calm technology” – the technology that fits in with natural human behaviors and environment. Designed with users’ comfort and happiness in mind, calm interfaces can further bring out the humanness of human life. Taking inspiration from the successful blending of traditions and technology in our home city of Kyoto, we draw upon our designing and engineering expertise to put forth novel visions for the next generation digital lifestyle that enhance our total well-being.

Calm Technology & Design

mui Lab integrates digital technology into systems and devices in such a way that it feels like an innate part of natural human behaviors as well as our environment. mui Lab envisions digital living in which technology performs in a perfect harmony with humans. To make this a reality, we tap into the design concept of Calm Technology, first proposed by American scientist Mark Weiser, in combination with the Japanese sense of beauty to create systems and devices that turn technology into seemingly innate part of our lives and environment.

mui Platform

“mui Platform” is a vehicle with which to achieve calm digital living. It consists of mui’s patented wood display panel – our flagship “calm UI,” or a peaceful touchpoint between humans and technology – and our proprietary IoT cloud system. The use of natural wood as the material of the interface provides users with a sense of beauty and comfort. Because the calm UI is designed to blend into users’ surroundings, it enables distraction-free communication and easy access to your most important information only.

mui Lab holds a number of patented technologies that turn natural materials into touch-sensitive display panels. These technologies, together with mui’s proprietary Design Principles based on the Calm Technology & Design concept, serve as the foundation of all our product development.



As the name suggests, our business began as the calm technology “lab” where our flagship interface, the mui board, was born. While we continue to create our own products, we are now also focused on developing calm IoT systems for our clients to help them solve their problems with the use of calm devices. These systems – all of which are built on our “mui Platform” – are designed to provide peaceful digital experiences for users. We draw upon our expertise in the designing of system architecture, applications and UIUX, as well as product design, and business development, to provide total solutions, from suggesting new service products to real-world implementations of solutions.

Customer Experience Creation



We are a diverse team of professionals whose collective expertise – ranging from system architecture to designing to business enterprise – enables us to provide a broad array of services to help you live a calm digital life. We believe the technology of the future is one that fits in seamlessly with our natural human behaviors and environment, making users happier by further bringing out the humanness of human life. We are committed to provide “truly calm” technology and systems that focus on users’ emotional well-being.

Kazunori Oki
Kazunori Oki
Munehiko Sato
Munehiko Sato
Nobuyasu Hirobe
Creative Director
Nobuyasu Hirobe
Takuya Kubota
Takuya Kubota
Sayaka Ishimaru
VP of Marketing
Sayaka Ishimaru
Toru Okada
EVP Operations
Toru Okada
Nahori Kawase
UI/UX Design Manager
Nahori Kawase
Akiko Moriguchi
PR & Branding Manager
Akiko Moriguchi
Yutaka Kobayashi
Chief Software Architect
Yutaka Kobayashi
Masahiro Takahashi
Software Engineering Manager
Masahiro Takahashi
Klaus Seibold
Director Business Development Europe
Klaus Seibold
Robin Moreau
Business Designer
Robin Moreau

Executive Advisers

Yoshiaki Sakito
Former VP of Marketing of Apple Inc. (USA) and CEO of Apple in Japan. Steve Jobs appointed Sakito – who founded Livedoor, and gained work experience at Sony, Bain & Company, Walt Disney, and AOL – to the positions that entrusted him with Apple’s Japanese market. He is known for his unique marketing approach that turned the iPod into a hit product, which ultimately helped Apple turn around its business. He is currently involved in the development of the “WONDER LEARNING” platform as the CEO of Realdear.
Don Lindsay
An executive leader who has delivered industry-defining platforms while building world-class product design organizations, Lindsay was engaged by the CEOs of Apple and BlackBerry to execute “bet the business” product evolutions in MacOS X and BlackBerry 10, respectively. A recognized innovator with over 300 patents, he currently serves on the boards of startups striving to achieve truly world class products.
Amber Case
Case is an internationally recognized design advocate and speaker, and the author of four books, including “Calm Technology” and “A Kids Book About Technology.” She spent two years as a fellow at MIT’s Center for Civic Media and at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. She was the co-founder and CEO of Geoloqi, a location-based software company acquired by Esri.


Company name
mui Lab, Inc. (Corporate ID: 4130001060852)
Founded on
Oct. 27, 2017 (Spinoff from NISSHA completed through MBO in May 2019)
Kazunori Oki (Co-founder)
Executive Officers
Munehiko Sato, Toru Okada
Outside directors
Tetsu Nishikawa, Rui He
Staff members
Global Headquarters
295-1 Tawaraya-Cho, Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto, 604-0966, Japan
Regional Offices
Yokohama, Nagano, Frankfurt (Germany)
Major shareholders
mui Lab founders, Energy & Environment Investment, Inc., NISSHA Co., Ltd., Monozukuri Ventures, Kyoto Bank, City of Kyoto, and FVC
Main business
UX/UI design, SaaS software development, Original product development, Sales, Consulting
Seven (7) technology patents granted (including overseas); 11 patents pending


January 2022
  • Selected as one of 14 Japanese startups for Amazon Alexa Startups program.
  • Unveiled company’s Matter-ready mui Platform at CES 2022.
September 2021
  • Joined Connectivity Standard Alliance as creator of Matter-ready device
March 2021
  • Opened new office in Frankfurt, Germany
January 2021
  • Selected for Japanese Cabinet Office’s Global Accelerator Program
October 2020
  • Formed business alliance with Jibun House
January 2020
  • Launched “M1”
October 2019
  • Raised $2 million in funding
April 2019
  • Completed management buyout (MBO) from NISSHA and became independent company
December 2018
  • Raised $115,000 on Kickstarter (15% above $10K goal)
October 2017
  • Established mui Lab, Inc. from Nissha Co., Ltd.’s corporate venture program.
  • Developed “mui 1,” world’s first smart home interface made with natural wood.
  • Obtained patent for company’s own “IoT display panel system,” which enables information to appear on wood surface when in “on” mode and to disappear in “off” mode.
Award history
  • Best of Kickstarter Award
  • CES Innovation Award 2019, Smart home category
  • IFA Next Smart Home Pitch Contest (Top winner)
  • House Beautiful Best of CES 2020
  • Archiproducts Design Award 2021
  • CES Innovation Award 2022, Smart home category
  • "Height Marking in Wood" Wins Grand Prize and Special Award at BabyTech® Awards 2022
  • Amazon “Works with Alexa” Certification


Ebisugawa Salone

“Ebisugawa Salone” is a third place that we opened in July 2020 on Kyoto’s historic furniture district, Ebisugawa Dori, to demonstrate our vision for new lifestyles. The venue has since hosted many different types of events, including art exhibits and live performances, serving as a gathering place for local residents and artists who feel isolated due to the pandemic. We hope that people will be able to feel the richness of calm digital living when they visit Ebisugawa Salone.

Kyoto Headquarters


295-1 Tawaraya-Cho
Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto, 604-0966

Google Map
Yokohama office


24-1 Chigasaki Chuo, AOKI WORK SPACE Center South 3rd Fl.
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 224-0032

Google Map
Nagano office


2-2-9 Ote, NTT Higashi Nihon Daimyoucho Bldg., 1st Fl.
Matsumoto-shi, Nagano 390-0874

Google Map